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HP10324 Pacbrake Heavy Duty Rear Air Spring Suspension Kit - Ford 2012-2020 F450/550/600 (2wd/4wd)

SKU: HP10324
Mftr. Part#: HP10324
UPC: 628480002378
Manufacturer: PacBrake
Pacbrake's Ford 2012-2020 F450/550/600 (2wd/4wd) for commercial cab & chassis rear heavy duty air springs to get rid of your trucks sag, sway and bottoming out. Distribute the weight equally to your tires, supporting any load without overburdening your suspension.

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We all know that different feeling of driving empty vs driving fully loaded. Your trucks factory suspension was designed as a compromise between capability and comfort. Your Ford Powerstroke's rear springs can be pushed to the max when hauling heavy loads, resulting in excessive bounce, sagging ride height, and an overall feeling of instability. With Pacbrake’s air suspension kit, distribute weight equally supporting heavy loads.


  • Distribute Weight Evenly, Supporting Heavy Loads
  • One Piece Aluminum End Caps and 20 Support Wires. Giving You Maximum Strength and Durability
  • Equipped with Corrosion Resistant Roll Plates
  • Precision Laser Cut Powder Coated Steel Brackets
  • Grade 5 Plated Hardware
  • Includes Airline and All Accessories Needed for Install
  • For Commercial Cab & Chassis
  • Lifetime Warranty