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WF-1058 S&B Filter Sock / Pre-Filter Wrap - Fits KF-1058 Filters

SKU: SBWF-1058
Mftr. Part#: WF-1058
UPC: 841372036903
Manufacturer: S&B Filters
Fits air filter elements used on 2018-2019 Ford Powerstroke 3.0L cold air intake systems.

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Mftr. Part#WF-1058
Weight (lbs.):1.00 lbs.
Dimensions:1.00" x 8.00" x 7.00"

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Attribute nameAttribute value
BrandS&B Filters
Product TypeAir Filter Pre-Wrap/Sock

Prolong your filter life by installing a pre-filter onto your S&B Cold Air Intake system. This wrap is ideal for dusty/dirty envrionments by blocking out finer particulate matter which would normally be sucked in through your filter.

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