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74000 Airlift WirelessAir 2nd Generation

SKU: AIL74000
Référence fabricant: 74000
UPC: 729199740008
Fabricant: Airlift Suspension
Adjust your trucks air springs from inside or outside with just the touch of a button. WirelessAir provides one touch inflation and deflation, control your air like a boss.

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Référence fabricant 74000
UPC 729199740008

Spécifications produits

Attribute name Attribute value
Brand AirLift
Type de produit WirelessAir Control


Airlift’s Wireless Air provides premium wireless control of your air springs, inflate and deflate each spring on their own to get different air pressures great for trucks with uneven or top-heavy loads. Use the memory feature to save frequently used settings. 


  • One-touch inflation/deflation 
  • Memory settings 
  • Inflate/deflate each air spring independently