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AR6200-10 Archoil AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex (10oz)

SKU: AR6200-10
Mftr. Part#: AR6200-10
Manufacturer: Archoil
10oz - treats 300 gallons - AR6200's advanced chemistry includes lubricants to protect the injectors and pump, a biocide that effectively eliminates a broad spectrum of microorganisms; a corrosion inhibitor, detergents to maintain clean lines, filters and atomizers; and a demulsifier to separate accumulated water.

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  • Archoil's AR6200 Fuel Treatment brings more power and response at every fill-up while protecting your fuel system and improving fuel efficiency.
  • AR6200 is suitable for use in both diesel and gasoline.
  • AR6200 is highly concentrated - an 8oz bottle treats 300 gallons of fuel.
Upgrade Your Fuel

Combustion Modifier: A more complete combustion improves efficiency, power and response
Lubricant: Protects fuel pump and injectors from wear and failure, lubricates upper cylinder
Dispersant/Detergent: Helps dissolve sludge and other fuel system deposits. Restores degraded fuel
Stabilizer: Enables extended fuel storage
Corrosion Inhibitor: Protects the fuel system from corrosion
Biocide: Eliminates microbial growth (algae, bacteria)
Demulsifier: Improves water separator effectiveness

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