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MMB-F2D-004 Mishimoto Heavy Duty Bundle - Ford 2011-2016

SKU: MMB-F2D-004
Mftr. Part#: MMB-F2D-004
UPC: 811580037160
Manufacturer: Mishimoto
2011-2016 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke - Mishimoto is excited to offer their heavy duty Ford 6.7L bundle including the Primary Radiator, Secondary Radiator, Intercooler, Intercooler Boot & Pipe Kit, Upper Support Bar and Silicone Coolant Hoses.

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This Mishimoto Heavy-Duty Bundle for the 2011–2016 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke has you covered. This kit includes everything you need to fortify your 6.7L and ensure it runs cool in any situation. The all-aluminum 6.7L primary and secondary radiators are designed to keep your engine running cool and withstand the rigors of a powerful work truck, constructed from high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum with 100% brazed aluminum cores. These radiators paired with Mishimoto’s upper support bar and silicone hoses, result in a cool, leak free 6.7L. The upper support bar is constructed of heavy-duty steel and firmly secures to your truck with cast-steel anchor points. All that steel minimizes front end flex, improving the truck’s rigidity and saving your radiator. Mishimoto’s silicone radiator hoses constructed from high-grade silicone with heat-resistant embedded fibers for superior heat and pressure tolerance. These hoses also include pre-installed quick-disconnect fittings to make installation as easy as the stock hoses. Also in this bundle is the 6.7L air-to-water performance intercooler kit. This intercooler, pipe, and boot kit boosts flow by 22% over the stock intercooler and pipes. The cast end tanks, and bar-and-plate core are significantly stronger than the stock brazed intercooler, while the silicone boots with DuraCore™ technology will hold all of the boost you can throw at them.


  • Direct fit for the 2011–2016 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke
  • Primary radiator features extruded tubes with internal struts
  • Primary radiator increases coolant capacity by 37% and boasts a 10% thicker core
  • Secondary radiator increases cooling surface area by 27%
  • Intercooler and pipes increase flow by 22% over stock
  • Intercooler produces a dyno-proven 40 lb-ft torque gain without other modifications
  • Upper support bar features cast steel anchor points and tube steel center for improved strength
  • Coolant hoses constructed from high-grade silicone with heat-resistant embedded fibers
  • Hoses come with quick-disconnect fittings for fast and easy installation
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Purchase Includes

  • (1) Mishimoto 6.7L Primary Radiator
  • (1) Mishimoto 6.7L Secondary Radiator
  • (1) Mishimoto Air-to-Water Intercooler
  • (1) Mandrel-Bent Cold-Side Pipe
  • (1) Mandrel-Bent Hot-Side Pipe
  • (1) Upper Coolant Hose with Pre-installed CNC Couplers
  • (1) Lower Coolant Hose with Pre-installed CNC Couplers
  • (2) CNC-Machined Aluminum Quick-Disconnect Couplers
  • (4) Silicone Boots w/ Duracore™ Technology
  • (8) Constant Tension T-Bolt Clamps
  • (1) Mishimoto Support Bar
  • (2) Upper Support Bar Mounting Brackets
  • (2) Cast Thermostat Housings
  • (2) Magnetic Drain Plugs w/ Oil Seal
  • (4) Rubber Bushings & Metal Collars
  • (3) Hardware Packs
  • (4) M6 x 1.0 x 16mm Bolts
  • (12) Black Plastic Tree Clips
  • (2) Push Mount Cable Ties


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