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790-550 Airaid Air Filter Tune-Up Kit - Squeeze Tube Oil

SKU: AR790-550
Référence fabricant: 790-550
UPC: 642046795504
Fabricant: Airaid Air Filter
The AIRAID Air Filter Renew Kit cleans and re-oils your AIRAID premium air filter. AIRAID Cleaning Solution is uniquely formulated to clean without damaging the gauze filter media. AIRAID Performance Oil is applied after cleaning and forms an additional line of defense against dirt without limiting airflow. Clean your AIRAID filter every 45,000 to 115,000 kms for normal driving, or more often for off-road and heavy dust conditions.

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The fee is charged by the provincial government (BC) and is to cover the cost associated with the safe and responsible recycling of fluids, filters, etc.


For use on all Airaid oiled filters

  • Clean Your Airaid Filter
  • Restore Full Air Flow Efficiency
  • Maintain Optimum Engine Performance
  • 12 oz. Air Filter Cleaner
  • 8 oz. Squeeze Bottle Filter Oil
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