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Archoil Modificateur de frottement (8oz)

SKU: AR9100-8
$29.95 (CAD)
Traite 7,25 litres d'huile moteur ou 3,2 quarts d'huile pour engrenages

Modificateur de Frottement Archoil (16oz)

SKU: AR9100-16
$59.95 (CAD)
Traite 15 litres d'huile moteur ou 5 litres d'huile pour engrenages

Archoil AR9100 Friction Modifier - 1 Gal

SKU: AR9100-1G
$325.00 (CAD)
Archoil's AR9100 Oil Additive & Friction Modifier in a 1 gallon container. AR9100’s patented Nanoborate Friction Modifier and System Cleaner incorporates 4 complex organic esters that are formulated to dissolve and remove varnish, carbon and other deposits from the oil wetted surfaces of the engine.

Archoil Complexe de modification de carburant (8oz)

SKU: AR6200-8
$69.95 (CAD)
Traite 640 gallons de diesel ou de gaz

Archoil AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex (16oz)

SKU: AR6200-16
$124.95 (CAD)
16oz - Treats 500 Gallons - AR6200's advanced chemistry includes lubricants to protect the injectors and pump, a biocide that effectively eliminates a broad spectrum of microorganisms; a corrosion inhibitor, detergents to maintain clean lines, filters and atomizers; and a demulsifier to separate accumulated water.

Stanadyne Additif de carburant de performance (236ml)

SKU: 38564
$6.99 (CAD)
8 oz (236 ml) - traite 113,6 L (30 gallons)

Stanadyne Additif de carburant de performance (473ml)

SKU: 38565
$12.95 (CAD)
16oz (473ml) - traite 227L (60 gallons)

Stanadyne Additif de carburant de performance (1.9L)

SKU: 38566
$41.95 (CAD)
1,9 L (64 oz) / traite jusqu'à 908,5 L (240 gallons)

Archoil Nettoyeur de système de carburant diesel (430ml)

SKU: AR6400-16D
$27.95 (CAD)
Universal - Tous les véhicules diesel - Gâteries 22 gallons / 84 litres

Archoil Severe Duty Synthetic Grease (14oz.)

SKU: AR8300-2-14-T
$116.50 (CAD)
Severe Duty Biodegradable Synthetic Grease (14oz)

Archoil Synthetic Grease (14oz.)

SKU: AR8100-2-14-T
$22.95 (CAD)
Nanobrite Biosyn Synthetic Grease