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DFC Engine Series Descriptions
"STREET" (S-Series)
DFC Street Series Ribbon
The Street Series of engines are DFC’s flagship product. Built for work trucks, daily drivers and the diesel enthusiast in mind these engines are a vast improvement from stock as they contain important upgrades to common problem areas. With the majority of truck owners having aftermarket upgrades done, DFC has remanufactured all of their engines to perform flawlessly with added horsepower.
"TOW/HAUL" (T-Series)
DFC Tow/Haul T-Series Ribbon
The DFC Diesel Tow/Haul Series engine comes standard with all the upgrades found in the Street Series model as well as several enhancements to make this engine perfect for towing, hauling and performance applications up to 700 HP.
"RACE" (R-Series)
DFC Race R-Series Ribbon
The DFC Diesel Race Series of engines require detailed information from each customer and are built to handle their exact requirements. With precise clearances and the best components in the industry, they build each engine to endure repeated operation under extreme conditions. 
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