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Bullydog Diesel Performance
Since 1998, Bully Dog has been developing ways to improve diesel performance. Originally, they used propane to enhance the diesel engine's performance during the combustion cycle. Soon after, Bully Dog began developing electronics, exhaust systems and air intake systems to complement each other and take diesel performance to the max. Bully Dog's systems are designed with quality and functionality in mind and are versatile as well. Whether you're looking for outrageous racing power, pulling power, fuel economy or just a mild upgrade, Bully Dog has the products that you need, many with safety features built in for your additional piece of mind. The Bully Dog name is continually mentioned when talking about the major players in the diesel performance industry and with good reason. Through innovation and a keen sense of what the diesel enthusiast is looking for, Bully Dog has met the challenge and has succeeded in exceeding customer expectations.
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Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Diesel Downloader

$557.00 (CAD)
Fits all Diesel Equipped Ford, Dodge and GM Trucks

Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuner Diesel (Canada)

$1,258.00 (CAD)
Voir les notes de produit pour l'application - Utilisation hors route seulement

Bully Dog Unlock Cable - Dodge 2013-2018

$70.00 (CAD)
2013 - 2018 Dodge 6.7L Cummins

Bullydog BDX Programmer - Dodge/Chev/Ford

$495.00 (CAD)
Dodge Cummins 2013-16 || GMC/Chevy Duramax 2006-10 || Ford Powerstroke 2013-19

Bullydog GTX Performance Tuner & Monitor - Ford 2008-2016

$743.00 (CAD)
Reimagine performance tuning in your 2008-2016 Ford 6.4L/6.7L Powerstroke with the BullyDog GTX Performance Tuner.

Bullydog GTX Pod Adapter - for GTX Watchdogs

$31.95 (CAD)
Fits Bullydog GTX Watchdogs

Bullydog GTX Programmer Expansion Kit

$309.00 (CAD)
Expand the reach of your BullyDog GTX tuner with the GTX Vehicle Expansion Kit. Tune and monitor an additional vehicle with your head unit and easily transfer between vehicles using the GTX’s magnetic mount system.

Bullydog GTX Watchdog Performance Monitor - Dodge 2013-2016

$619.00 (CAD)
2013 - 2016 Dodge Cummins 6.7L

Bullydog Mirror-Mate Extension Kit

$26.50 (CAD)
Used with Bullydog Mirror-Mate Mounting Kits for proper wiring extension

Bullydog Mirror-Mate Mounting Kit

$48.00 (CAD)
Works with all Bullydog GT/Watchdog Series Tuners for Ford & Dodge Trucks

BullyDog Sensor Docking Station w/ Pyrometer

$213.00 (CAD)
Monitor your EGT/Pyro temps with BullyDog’s Sensor Docking Station. Pyro probe included. Also compatible with H&S Mini Maxx tuners.

Bullydog T-slot 2-1/16" Adaptateur de montage

$21.50 (CAD)
Convient à tous les camions équipés Dodge, Ford et GM