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Bulletproof Diesel

Bullet Proof Diesel specializes in superior aftermarket Diesel Performance and Diesel Emission Components such as upgraded EGR Coolers and Oil Coolers. With so much focus on the environment and today's strict pollution standards, Ford Powerstoke, Dodge Cummins and GMC Duramax Diesel engine emission systems have become very complex and costly to maintain.

At BC Diesel, we understand these complex emission systems allowing us to diagnose and repair the problem correctly the first time. Having high-quality components in stock from manufactures like Bullet Proof Diesel allows us to restore your diesel trucks reliability to a level the dealer can not and for an affordable price. Our best sellers are the Bullet Proof EGR Coolers and Bullet Proof Billet Water Pumps.

BC Diesel is a proud supplier of Bullet Proof Diesel Performance parts offering Free Shipping in Canada. No Duties, No Brokerage Fees, No Cross Boarder Shopping! 

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