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XD541 XDP X-RA Slick Engine & Fastener Assembly Lubricant

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Reduce friction and wear in your engine with the XDP X-Factor High Performance Oil Additive. This bottle treats up to 5 quarts per bottle.

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The XDP X-TRA Slick Engine & Fastener Assembly Lubricant XD541 is formulated to provide superior protection to internal engine parts during assembly. Assembling an engine can take as little as a few hours, but it can sit for weeks until it is fired up for the first time. Because of this, it is crucial to use an engine assembly lubricant that can adhere to parts for a long time. Formulated with a high-viscosity oil, this assembly lube is designed with additives to protect your engine components thanks to a long-lasting cling

Unparalleled Protection

Newly assembled engines operate with little-to-no oil pressure during the initial startup. This dry-firing places critical parts such as camshaft lobes, lifters, rocker arms, bearings, and other internal parts in danger of premature wear and failure. This assembly lube contains high levels of anti-wear additives like zinc that, along with the highly tacky formula, offer unparalleled protection.

Prevents Corrosion & Rust

Engines will sometimes lie either partially or fully assembled for extended periods of time before they are run. This allows moisture and oxygen to form rust on exposed metal surfaces. XDP's Assembly Lube contains a combination of corrosion and rust inhibitors that protect your engine until it's ready to be fired up. The addition of zinc in this additive acts as a moisture barrier and an oxidation inhibitor to provide an extra layer of protection.

Disperses In Oil

When an engine is first started, grease-based assembly lubes can increase the risks of clogged oil passages if the grease does not completely dissolve. A clogged oil passage could quickly create a lack of lubrication, loss of oil pressure, and can ultimately result in engine or component failure. This lubricant is engineered to dissolve in oil to help keep oil passages free and clear.

Fastener Lubricant

Use XDP X-TRA Slick on the threads and mating surfaces of all critical engine fasteners. Apply on head studs, head bolts, main studs, main bolts, connecting rod bolts, and any other fasteners used during engine assembly. Using a proper assembly lubricant during fastener installation reduces friction and torque pre-load scatter in the torquing sequence, while also helping to prevent thread galling and seizing.


  • Disperses in Oil
  • Helps Prevent Corrosion & Rust
  • Zinc Additive For Unparalleled Protection
  • Great For Head Studs, Main Studs & Other Fasteners
  • Ideal For Stock, High-Performance, & Racing Engines
  • Highly Viscous, Tacky Formula - Sticks To Internal Parts
  • Superior Anti-Wear Additives Keep Engine Safe On Initial Start-Up


2 Year Unlimited Mileage

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