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25981EZ AirLift WirelessOne Tank W/ EZ Mount

Référence fabricant: 25981EZ
UPC: 729199002670
Fabricant: Airlift Suspension
Pick up the Air Lift 25981EZ WirelessOne Tank With EZ Mount from XDP, the ultimate solution for effortless control and management of your air springs.

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This cutting-edge system works with most brands and types of air springs, operating within the optimal 5 to 100 PSI pressure range. With a free iOS and Android mobile app, you can conveniently monitor and inflate your air springs from your smartphone. The wireless handheld controller allows for easy adjustment and programming of up to three user-defined presets, while the pre-assembled EZ Mount system ensures quick installation. The package includes a 2-gallon black powder-coated steel tank, a compact Bluetooth-enabled manifold, a heavy-duty 444c air compressor, and all the necessary wiring and fittings. Upgrade your vehicle's suspension with the Air Lift 25981EZ WirelessOne and experience unparalleled control, convenience, and customization for a smoother and more comfortable ride.


  • Compatible With Most Brands And Types Of Air Springs
  • Operates Air Springs Within 5 To 100 PSI Pressure Range
  • Free Ios And Android Mobile App
  • Wireless Handheld Controller
  • 2-Gallon Black Powder-Coated Steel Tank
  • Compact, Bluetooth-Enabled Manifold
  • Heavy-Duty 444c Air Compressor And 110-145 Pressure Switch
  • All Necessary Wiring, Hardware, And Fittings Included