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1063014 BD Diesel Built-It Kit 48RE Transmission & Converter Package - Dodge 5.9L Cummins 2003-2007

SKU: BD1063014
Référence fabricant: 1063014
UPC: 019025025264
Are you a looking to rebuild your 5.9L Cummins 48RE transmission and are needing some specialty parts to match your application? BD offers a range of rebuild parts kits for the seasoned builder to complete the job. All kits include the basic rebuild parts and gaskets and have the added touches that range from stock HP up to the Stage 4 Master Kit.

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Référence fabricant 1063014
UPC 019025025264
Poids (livres): 92,00 lbs.
Dimensions: 11,00" x 17,00" x 29,00"

Spécifications produits

Attribute name Attribute value
Truck Type/Model Dodge
Type de produit Torque Convertor
Brand BD Diesel Performance
Transmission Type 48RE
Convertor Stall Enhanced



Since this is a remanufactured product, a temporary "core charge" is added up front until we receive your original unit back. Once received and inspected, the charge will be reversed back to you. The core charge will be added to the price below. (Required)



Not all multi-disc converters are created equal and with BD's ProForce 3D, less is more. The in-house CNC machined billet cover is designed to prevent warping and improper balancing. With the cover design, they were able to increase strength while maintaining the factory height. They have engineered the clutch piston and damper assembly for increased strength, while retaining smooth and reliable vibration damping. With self-centering trapezoid clutch teeth design, these clutch packs ensure proper alignment and less wear resulting a longer converter life cycle.


Built-It Kit 

  • All kits include the basic rebuild parts and gaskets
  • Band - High Temp/Energy - Raybestos
  • Band Anchor - Billet
  • Accumulator Piston - Billet Dual Ring
  • Bushing - Front Clutch Drum 0.85, Pump - Bronze W/Dimples
  • Clutch Disc
  • Friction - Front (Dir/Hi/Rev) Allomatic, O/D Allomatic, O/D Direct Borg Warner, Rear (Fwd) Borg Warner
  • Shifter Bracket & Lever Kit - 4.2 Ratio
  • Gasket Kit - Overhaul
  • Pressure Plate - Dir/Fwd (Frt) .145", Dir/Fwd (Frt) .185"
  • BD Pressure Plate Forward (Rr) Beveled Machined, O/D Brake F&R Machined
  • BD Piston - Dir. Clutch (Frt) Machined
  • Piston Retainer Kit
  • Servo Cover Ring, Piston Cover
  • Snap Ring - Direct Clutch .062, Direct Clutch .074, Direct Clutch .088
  • Rear Clutch Piston Spring
  • Steel - Fwd (Dir/Hi/Rev), O/D Brake, O/D Dir .525", Frt (Dir/Hi/Rev) Oversize
  • Strut - Front Band
  • Washer - Int. Shaft Thrust .052

Torque Converter

  • Enhanced Stall - Street/Towing applications
  • HD springs absorb shock of engagement
  • Increased clutch count
  • Stamp forged 1-piece cover
  • Eliminates warpage from clutch heat
  • Taller cover can be rebuilt more often
  • Trapezoid teeth design
  • Engineered tighter tolerances
  • Self-centering trapezoid teeth design increases contact decreases wear and chatter
  • Thrust bearings - not plastic thrust washers
  • Riveted piston ensures alignment & eliminates vibration or embrittlement from welding
  • Cast stator designs maximizes torque
  • New sprag components ensure long term durability
  • Furnace brazed turbine fins for improved fluid coupling efficiency
  • Reduced overall weight by 12lbs compared to competitors



  • Converter: 36-Months / Build It: 12-Month
  • Converter: 150,000-Miles / Build It: 12,000-Miles


  • Converter: 12-Months / Build It: NA
  • Converter: 12,000-Miles / Build It: NA


  • No Race abuse covered


  • Billet input shaft strongly recommended for use with ProForce 3D Torque Converter