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1043009 BD Diesel Exhaust Manifold Passenger Side - Ford 6.7L Powerstroke 2015-2019 Pickup & 2017-2019 C&C

SKU: BD1043009
Référence fabricant: 1043009
UPC: 990011409834
Ford Powerstroke 6.7L 2017-2019 Cab & Chassis and 2015-2019 Pickup - BD's Passenger Side Exhaust Manifold is crafted with a heavy duty thick-walled Hi-Silicon ductile casting - 75% thicker than OEM. This helps combat manifold cracks due to high temps and long cycle life.

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BD focused on solving one of the Ford 6.7L common failures, the exhaust manifolds. Crafted with a heavy duty 0.275" thick-walled Hi-silicon ductile casting, this makes these manifolds 75% thicker to combat cracking due to hgih exhaust temperatures. Thermal durability has been improved with longer exhaust studs and spacers plus thicker, more durable machined bolting flanges. Fully egr compatible, BD's exhaust manifold set is the perfect replacement for reliability and peace of mind.


  • Passenger side
  • High-silicon ductile cast iron
  • 75% Thicker walls retain heat and prevents warping
  • Machined thicker bolting flange
  • Includes the longest stud and spacer kit that fits across all 8 cylinders
  • Longer exhaust studs improve thermal durability
  • Thick spacers are black oxide coated
  • High temperature POR 15 black coated
  • Gaskets included: exhaust manifold, cross over tube, EGR port
  • Fully EGR compatible


  • Parts: 36 Months
  • 75,000 Miles


Trucks using the MPD budget SXE turbo kit must use part number BD1043006 with an OEM Passenger side manifold