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KF04058BK Daystar Body Mounts - Ford 7.3L/6.0L Powerstroke 1999-2007

Référence fabricant: KF04058BK
UPC: 618089012786
Fabricant: Daystar
Restore the body geometry and enhance the ride in your 1999-2007 Ford Super Duty F-250/350 with the Daystar KF04058BK Body Mount Kit.

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These Polyurethane Body Mounts from Daystar replace the vulnerable rubber body mounts which can become deformed with excessive wear and exposure to the elements. If you've noticed that the pinstripe running down the side of your truck jumps between the cab and the bed then the body mount bushings are probably shot. Body Mounts help keep your cab and bed aligned with the frame of your truck and absorb the vibrations between the road and the cab of your Ford.

These body mounts are Made in the USA with Daystar's special blend of polyurethane which is much more durable than the rubber mounts that were originally installed on your Ford. Impervious to the elements that degrade rubber, these poly bushings also maintain their shape much better and longer than your original mounts. Since polyurethane won't compress to the extent that rubber will these mounts can take much more of a beating and won't begin to degrade or crush with wear and age. 


  • Cab mount kit with hardware
  • Restores body & frame alignment 
  • Superior to stock runner mounts
  • Improves ride & handling characteristics


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