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DIFSL5P1001 FASS Drop-In Series Fuel System - GMC/Chevy 6.6L Duramax 2017-2023

Référence fabricant: DIFSL5P1001
UPC: 850044137268
Fabricant: FASS Fuel Systems
FASS' Drop-In Series Diesel Fuel System for your 2017-2019 Crew Cab Short Bed & 2017-2023 Crew Cab Long Bed Duramax truck.

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Ton prix: $547.05


Without proper fuel filtration, modern diesel injection systems are prone to excessive wear. By removing over 99% of the water from your diesel fuel, along with entrained air and debris down to 2 Microns, the Drop-In Series System protects the L5P’s injection system from premature failure. Additionally, by eliminating the contaminants mentioned above, Fass' Drop-In Series System for the L5P Duramax optimizes MPG (results will vary), restores horsepower, and sharpens throttle response. If reliability, optimized MPG, restored horsepower, and a sharper throttle response isn’t enough, the system can be installed in an hour or less. This is a true plug-and-play system, requiring no cutting, wiring, or additional modifications. Better still, this system requires no tuning changes! Whether your L5P is stock or modified, the Drop-In Series Systems will not require adjusting tunes or clearing any codes. Fass' industry-leading water removal capabilities (3rd-party proven to exceed 99%) are reinforced by the unique design of the Extreme Water Separator (XWS). If the XWS reaches capacity, it acts as a dam, shutting down your truck and preventing major destruction of fuel system components.


  • Retains full functionality of the water-in-fuel sensor
  • Filtration system with air separation
  • Increases lubricity of the fuel by up to 10% by removing entrained air and air vapor.
  • Extends the life of fuel injection system components.
  • 2 Micron absolute filtration rating.
  • 100% drop-In, no additional modifications needed.
  • Retains the factory in-tank lift pump.
  • Works with the factory plastic cap or billet filter cap.


Fits: 2017-2019 Crew Cab Short Bed L5P Duramax

Fits: 2017-2023 Crew Cab Long Bed L5P Duramax