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FPE-L5P-MAP-SPR Fleece Performance MAP Sensor Spacer W/ Boost Reference Port - GMC/Chevy 6.6L Duramax 2017-2022

Référence fabricant: FPE-L5P-MAP-SPR
UPC: 670875718753
Fabricant: Fleece Performance
All new Fleece Performance MAP sensor spacer with boost reference port for the L5P Duramax.

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Use the Fleece MAP sensor spacer with boost reference port to eliminate sensor issues. Because of the direct placement of the MAP sensor into the intake air stream from the factory, soot buildup becomes an on going maintenance problem. This requires the sensor to be routinely cleaned or replaced. The Fleece MAP sensor moves the sensor from the direct intake air stream to reduce soot buildup overtime and eliminate the need to routinely clean or replace the sensor. The spacer block also integrates a 1/8" NPT port to allow for installation of an auxiliary boost pressure sensor.


  • Includes: mounting block, fastener, seal ring & o-ring port plug
  • Helps eliminate soot buildup on sensor
  • Build in 1/8" NPT port for auxiliary boost sensor