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170201T EcoDiesel Tuner

SKU: BCD170201T
Référence fabricant: 170201T
Eco Diesel hand held tuners are now available. In order to modify the emissions systems in your EcoDiesel, you typically had to send your ECM away to get flashed - leaving your truck down for weeks! Not anymore with the BC Diesel Handheld ECM Tuner.

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Référence fabricant 170201T

Spécifications produits

Attribute name Attribute value
Truck Type/Model Jeep
Truck Family Jeep Cherokee 2014-2020
Type de produit ECM (Engine Control Module)
Émissions Supprimer Capable Oui
Offroad Use Only Yes



Select your preffered horse power level.


Vehicle 17 Digit VIN Number Is Required.


Contact your local dealer, provide him with your VIN number and request the rear end gear ratio. This is an important step - do not just guess.

*Unlock Cable Required for 2018-2019 Model Years


To purchase this product, you must accept the terms of the OFFROAD RACE-ONLY DISCLAIMER. Click HERE to view.

Ancien prix: $1,695.00


There are now out-of-the-box 30HP & 60HP tuners available for reprogramming the Dodge Ram 1500 EcoDiesel. Traditional meathods required replacement of the ECM and sending it away for programming, leaving your vehicle without a stock tuned PCM.

With BC Diesel, you do not need to replace the PCM or permanently modify the factory tune files. Once the tuner has arrived the tuning process is as follows....

The required vehicle information will need to be extracted from the current ECM simply using the new handheld tuner. Once the vehicle specific tuning files are obtained they will then need to be emailed back to BC Diesel to have the tuning built to your specifics. After the tuning is created it will be emailed back to you to then be installed into the handheld tuner, which can then be uploaded to the trucks ECM via the OBDII port.

Tuning Options

  • 30HP - Street/Economy Tuning
  • 60HP - Perfomance Tuning (not recommended for towing)


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