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81-1008 S&B Silicone Body Mount Kit - Ford 7.3L Powerstroke 1980-1996 F Series & 1997 Super Duty

SKU: SB81-1008
Référence fabricant: 81-1008
Fabricant: S&B Filters
Silicone Body Mount Kit For the 1980-1996 Ford F-150 and 1980-1997 F-250 / F-350. Made From A Premium Silicone Rubber.

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These body mounts are uniquely designed with premium silicone rubber to offer great vibration isolation. They will not crack or break down like the OEM foam or rubber bushings, and they come equipped with corrosion resistant coated steel.

Unlike OEM body mounts that deteriorate over time and cost a fortune, the Silicone Body Mount provides a smooth ride that will last the life of your truck!

The cap bushings have a distinct boss feature that matches the slot on the mounting tabs, giving the perfect OEM fit and finish.