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XD567 XDP Xpressor OER Series New High Pressure Turbocharger - Ford 6.4L Powerstroke 2008-2010

SKU: XD567
Référence fabricant: XD567
The XDP Xpressor OER Series New High Pressure V2S replacement Turbocharger is a direct fit replacement for the tired turbo in your 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L truck.

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Issues such as lack of lubrication, oil contamination, over-speeding of the turbo and excessive temperatures can gradually cause damage to the turbo in your truck. Common symptoms of turbocharger failure can include a significant loss of power, decreased fuel economy, noisy operation, excessive smoke, increased oil consumption or a check engine light. 

The XDP Xpressor New Turbocharger is a high-quality replacement turbo without the high price of purchasing one at your local dealership. This unit is 100% new meaning not at all remanufactured or rebuilt. To ensure a reliable service life and optimum performance all the latest engineering updates are implemented. Each turbo goes through a comprehensive 100% end-of-line testing is performed through the full RPM range along with a noise vibration harshness analysis.

The Xpressor OER Series New V2S replacement Turbocharger is a stock oem style replacement for the low pressure turbo in your truck.  The drop-in design ensures a straightforward installation and connects to all your exisitng factory equipment. A turbo mounting gasket set is also provided with new O-rings, gaskets and bolts. 


  • New turbocharger 
  • Direct-fit replacement 
  • Leak tested for both oil & air
  • Certified to IATF 16949 standards
  • Includes turbo install kit 
  • Burst test and hot gas stand validated 
  • Noise, vibration, harshness analyzed
  • VGT/VNT function tested for proper operation
  • Thrust bearing, journal bearing & oil slinger replacement